Gamers blanketing homeless kids

Cool: From the folks at FiftyOne Marketing (a gaming marketing team with the goal “to provide the best marketing services by integrating the ever-growing social networking trend with the importance of community interaction”):

FiftyOne Marketing is teaming up with a lot of great people and organizations for a great cause.

GivingChiX, a division of GamerchiX, and the Gamers Outreach Foundation are teaming up with Microsoft MVPs around the world to make baby blankets for Solid Ground, an anti-poverty and social service organization in Seattle, Washington that helps women, children and families overcome homelessness.

Gamers develop Blanket Drive for Solid GroundIn February, Microsoft MVPs will be attending their annual MVP Summit in Seattle and at that time The Blanket Project will begin. The Blanket Project in Seattle will help bring a lot of warmth to women, children and families in shelters. Taking the lead in organizing this project are Microsoft Xbox MVPs Nori Fox and Kiki Lewis.

“Shelters provide a roof over the heads of families in dire need and who often arrive with nothing. We want to provide some comfort and warmth to their little ones. Blankets have always had that magic power of security,” said Nori Fox, Co-Director at GivingChiX and Microsoft Xbox MVP. 

You can help with this effort in a variety of ways. If you plan to be in the Seattle area or if you’re from Seattle, you can donate your time to help tie the blankets.  Others who can’t physically be there can help by donating materials (2 yards flannel or one package bonded batting) or any monetary amount for the project. 

“They say gamers have great hands and we aim to prove that they can do great things with those hands,” said Kiki Lewis, Microsoft Xbox MVP. 

FiftyOne Marketing is amongst several outlets involved in The Blanket Project in Seattle. 

“The Blanket Project reminded me of how often I’ve actually just tossed my blanket on the ground to just sleep underneath the bed sheet,” said Daylon Deon, Founder of FiftyOne Marketing. “I am honored and proud to help with whatever we can.” 

The Blanket Project in Seattle takes place on Saturday, February 20 when those interested will come together to tie all the blankets. The goal is to raise enough in donations and material to produce at least 50 blankets. Each blanket costs an estimated $10 USD. For more information on the project, including the address for donating materials, you can send an email to

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  1. my girlfriend actually likes satin Bed sheets instead of cotton bed sheets which i prefer much;,;

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