Rest in peace, Mary

Mary looking out her windowEveryone who met Mary Rolfe was touched by her. For while Mary wore the discomfort of her life on her sleeve, she beamed with appreciation for those who helped break down the isolation and pain that had become her everyday reality.

As a client of Solid Ground’s Partners in Caring program, Mary received bags of groceries delivered to her door, and participated in activities we coordinated at Seattle Housing Authority’s Harvard Court building, where she lived. And, perhaps most importantly, she was the recipient of genuine caring from our staff and volunteers, a human connection that seemed to be her lifeline.Mary's special book case with spiritual figurines

But all that was not enough. A few weeks ago, Mary succumbed to her physical and emotional pain and took her own life. Those who knew her understand the struggles that may have led her to this point, but we are all deeply saddened by her passing and what it says about the state of our community.

Following is a brief video that features Mary talking about Partners in Caring. We are touched that the program participants helped you to feel human, Mary. We are sorry it wasn’t enough. God bless…

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  1. Thanks you guys, for keeping this post up after all this time.
    Amie Sauls

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