Local community organizer needs support at Immigration Pardons Hearing on June 10th!

If you haven’t seen this video yet…please take a minute to learn about Giday “Dede” Adhanom, a local community organizer who is facing deportation (based on a conviction that she received when she was a young adult):

Carpools will be going from Seattle to support Dede at her Pardons Hearing in Olympia, on Thursday morning, June 10th.

I have worked very closely with Dede over the past two years, and she is an extremely talented, committed and inspiring woman. She has dedicated years of her life to serving her community, including serving at the Village of Hope from 2008 to present, helping people who are coming out of incarceration to find jobs and housing. Dede has also been a powerful and thoughtful member and leader over the past two years within the JustServe AmeriCorps team. Dede is also the mother of two beautiful and happy little girls, and she is due to have a baby boy in June.

Dede has given so much to our community, and now she needs our support.

If you can come out to support Dede in Olympia on June 10th, please contact JustServe AmeriCorps at 206.957.4779 or the Village of Hope at 206.937.2701.

For more information about the federal legislation impacting Dede and others in our community, see this PBS report.

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