Even Mr. Money Bags supports Yes on 1098

Even one of the most famous monopolists of all time supports taxing the wealthy in WA state to raise revenue to fund education and health care! Vote YES on 1098!

4 Responses

  1. Yes, but his sign is wrong. It actually brings in $2 billion a year for education and health care. As Gov. Gregoire said, where else can we find $2 billion a year.?

    • I highly doubt if this will bring the revenue that is being projected, and I highly doubt that the cost of implementing this is going to be as low as estimated.

      That said, B&O taxes in WA are rather high, and any benefits or incentives we can provide businesses so that they establish themselves in WA and create jobs has my support.

      Other questions – how will this work? Does everyone have to file WA income tax returns? More paperwork for all of us to generate, and more paperwork for the government to process – seems rather painful and unnecessary.

      The health and education “black hole” – I sincerely doubt that the additional spending in health and education will yield any tangible benefits. There is too much wastage in these areas to see any meaningful bang for the buck.

  2. Thanks, Sarajane, I corrected the sign!

  3. Hey I found this pic really cool and funny.

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