Thanksgiving for Homeless People

A cool new event with a heartwarming back story is happening Nov. 10 to bring people together to support Thanksgiving for Homeless People. The event features bluegrass music, refreshments and comments from some very special guests. Proceeds will benefit Solid Ground and the outreach/meal work of the Mosiac Community Church and Bread of Life Mission, who will distribute turkey sandwich meals at the Mission following the event.

  • What: Thanksgiving for Homeless People benefitThanksgiving greeting card
  • When: November 10, 2010, 4:00-7:30pm
  • Where: Labor Temple, 2800 1st Ave., Seattle
  • Cost: Individual donations are $10.00 and canned food items.
  • Hosted by: Tyler Accornero and Justin Simmons.
  • Guest Speakers: Urban League Director James Kelly & Former Homeless Resident Don Augustin.
  • Special Guest: Former Gov. Albert Rosellini.

Event co-host Tyler Accornero “grew up on food stamps for most of my young life,” he told Solid Ground in an email. “As i was growing up i made a promise to myself that if i ever made something of myself and became successful that i would help the part of the community that grew up like me or who were in harsher positions in life such as being homeless.

“Thanksgiving for The Homeless came about in the year 2009 when during Thanksgiving I delivered turkeys to local food banks in my Legislative District. I decided after thanksgiving of that year that i wanted to use my community involvement in the political arena and business world to make a bigger impact on the City of Seattle where i was born and help the city in the best way i knew i could, by the relationships I built over the past 7 years in the city.

“In June, I met with a good friend of mine Justin Simmons and we decided to organize and establish an annual event that would benefit the homeless and poor in which we could help the needy by raising money for shelters and also have a food drive for the local food banks on a holiday when there are currently 5,000 homeless on the streets each night in the city.

“When I was choosing a beneficiary for the event i started looking around at different non-profits in the area. Justin informed me that there was homeless advocate non-profit called Solid Ground. I looked more into the organization and found the community Solid Ground was building which will help more homeless families with their living situations. I decided that this would be the best suited  beneficiary for this newly established community event.”

The event is co-sponsored by:

  • Church Council of Greater Seattle
  • Metropolitan Democratic Club
  • Sons of Italy Seattle Fedele Lodge
  • Urban League of Seattle
  • Mosaic Community Church
  • Vietnamese Federation of the USA
  • King County Labor Council
  • Solid Ground
  • People’s Place
  • Bread of Life Mission
  • Doug’s Quality Meats
  • Big John’s PFI
  • Delle Femmine Enterprises
  • American Federation of Musicians Local 76
  • and many more.

All financial proceeds benefit Solid Ground and all food items go to local food banks and missions.

One Response

  1. Sounds like a neat organization! Love the name, “Solid Ground”! I am also from the Seattle area, so I’ll be sure to check it out!

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