Accessing the Tenant Services Hotline at Solid Ground

person on phoneSolid Ground’s Tenant Services Hotline is a free, informational resource designed to help tenants throughout Washington State learn about their rights, familiarize themselves with the Residential Landlord Tenant Act in order to assert their rights as tenants, and maintain stable, permanent housing.

To reach the Tenant Services Hotline please call: 206.694.6767. The hotline is only staffed on: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:30am until 4:30pm. If you call during those hours and get our voicemail, please leave us a message and we will return your call in the order it was received within seven business days.

Solid Ground uses interpretation services so that we can respond to folks no matter what language they speak. Spanish-speaking callers can leave a message in Spanish by choosing the Spanish option from the voice prompts. People  who speak languages other than English or Spanish should leave a message (or get an English-speaking friend to leave it) on our English hotline, mentioning the language they speak and a good time to return their call. A tenant counselor will return the call with an interpreter in the preferred language on the line. There is no cost for this service.

During open hotline hours, tenants who have questions can call to address topics such as: eviction, deposits, repair, lockout and all other issues that pertain to a tenancy.

Whenever the hotline is open, we get a large volume of calls. So that we can address everyone’s issues in a timely fashion, we ask that tenants only call once. Repeat calls for the same question/issue will not be returned faster. Calls/messages are returned in the order received. For tenants facing eviction, including those having received a three-day notice to pay-or-vacate or a 10-day notice to comply-or-vacate, please choose the ‘eviction’ option from the voice prompts at the start of the call. Please note that our program does not provide rental assistance.

Please leave a clear and short message with your name, phone number and a brief description of the issue you are calling about. Please repeat your phone number clearly even if you think it will appear on the caller ID. We recognize that for many tenants who are in difficult and time-sensitive situations, it can be difficult to contact many organizations and feel that you are unable to get your issue resolved right away. Please note that we attempt to get back to every tenant who calls our hotline. Return calls can take up to a week, however, we try to return calls within two to three business days. If a tenant counselor leaves a message indicating a direct phone line for a tenant to call, please use this number – but it is unnecessary to call more than once. Once you have spoken with a counselor, it is OK to call them back to clarify your discussion – however due to the high volume of callers, tenants are encouraged to call the hotline with any new issues about their tenancy.

In an effort to make best use of the hotline, here are some points to consider before calling:

What Tenant Services provides:

  • Information to Washington State tenants regarding their tenancy.
  • Referrals to community resources, free legal services, fair housing agencies, code enforcement and other state and local county or city entities.
  • We can mail or email packets of information and resources including sample letters.
  • We have materials in other languages as well.
  • We can answer questions and brainstorm ideas with tenants to help them resolve their housing situation.

We do not provide:

  • Assistance to landlords.
  • Legal advice or other legal services.
  • One-on-one case management or long-term assistance.
  • Rental assistance.
  • We do not read or edit letters or documents for tenants. If a tenant needs these services, we will refer to legal services as these are delicate issues that require the assistance of legal counsel.

While waiting for a counselor to return your call, if you are in need of rental assistance or other resources, you can contact the Community Information Line dialing 2.1.1 or 1.800.621.4636.

Another great resource for tenants throughout Washington State is the Tenants Union. Their hotline hours are: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11am to 1pm. Call 206.723.0500. Walk-in services are available Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2pm to 4pm. For walk-in service, please arrive by 3:30pm. No appointment is necessary and they serve tenants throughout Washington. As always, Solid Ground’s Tenant Services website is a useful tool in familiarizing tenants with their rights and providing information prior to speaking with a counselor.


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