Downtown circulator bus eases access to services

This bus gets you to solid ground.

A pilot project to provide free rides for people living on low incomes and those who access health and human services in the downtown area began Monday, October 1.

~English: Downtown circulator bus flyer 
Ómnibus de servicio gratuito para el centro 

Two buses, a 23-passenger vehicle and a 19-passenger vehicle, run a fixed 4.5 mile route with seven stops located near services such as Harborview Medical Center, Downtown Emergency Service Center, Social Security Administration, Downtown Public Health Center and more.

This sticker, affixed to Metro bus signs, identifies each circulator stop.

The buses operate Monday through Friday, with the first bus leaving Harborview at 7 am and driving in a clockwise route through town. The last bus leaves Harborview at 4 pm. Buses arrive at each stop approximately every 25 to 30 minutes. The stops are identified by a sticker affixed to the standard Metro bus stop signs.

The decision to end the Ride Free Area was part of a compromise to pass the Congestion Reduction Charge that kept Metro from immediate 17% cuts. The free downtown circulator is an effort by Solid Ground, King County and the City of Seattle to provide transit services to people who live downtown and those who access downtown housing, food, health care and other services.

“Solid Ground’s focus is creating a response that meets the needs of this underserved population,” said Gordon McHenry, Jr., President & CEO of Solid Ground, which operates housing, food, homeless prevention and other programs aimed at helping people move from poverty to thriving.

“Given fiscal constraints, a downtown circulator is a practical response to the needs of people who are the least advantaged in our community. Solid Ground’s drivers understand the population being served and have experience providing transit services in the downtown core,” McHenry said.

The pilot project is a three-way partnership with Metro Transit providing vehicles, the City of Seattle providing $400,000 in funding that was previously allocated to support the Ride Free Area, and Solid Ground handling the operations. Solid Ground’s Seattle Personal Transit program has operated ACCESS transportation through contracts with Metro for more than 20 years.

Circulator stops:

Stop #1: 9th & Alder — closest stop to:

Stop #2: 4th & Yesler — closest stop to:

Stop #3: 1st & Marion — closest stop to:

Stop #4: 1st & Pine — closest stop to:

Stop #5: 1st & Bell — closest stop to:

Stop #6: 9th & Virginia — closest stop to:

Stop #7: Boren & Seneca — closest stop to:

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