Fake farmers markets

Not Cool: Why can’t a good social trend just stay a good thing and not be co-opted for a profit? Looks the Localvore movement, which has spawned increased access to local food through expanded farmers markets, has a new twist. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, some mega grocery stores are putting produce outside and marketing it as a “Farmers Market” – even produce from many timezones away. You can read the whole rotten thing here.

And just in case anyone forgot what real local produce looks like, here are a few shots from Marra Farm, where Solid Ground uses community volunteers to grow organic veggies to feed hungry folks in the surrounding neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance has the scoop on real farmers markets around Seattle.

The WA State Farmers Market Association has info about markets statewide.

Marra Farm harvest, washed and ready for delivery to the Providence Regina Food Bank

Kale and chard, as nutrient dense and delicious as can be!

We got the beets!


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