Community Conversations: #thinkpoverty + #talkpoverty = #endpoverty

Photo courtesy of smarnad

Photo courtesy of smarnad

Join the dialogue! This year, Solid Ground began sparking
Community Conversations to inspire civic engagement and action toward ending poverty. By instigating conversations and spreading awareness among our community members, we hope some great ideas will emerge to help us reduce economic inequalities. And via social media, you can read, share, and exchange stories about the causes of poverty and ways to end it today!

Our hope is that by engaging people like you in discussing strategies to reduce poverty, our community will be mobilized to address some of the things that perpetuate poverty – such as racism, lack of affordable housing, regressive tax structures, lack of resources for people living with mental health issues, and a credit system that penalizes the poor – and brainstorm solutions to the problem.

An excellent resource to help you start thinking and talking about poverty issues is “From Poverty to Prosperity” by the Center for American Progress Task Force on Poverty. This article offers a national strategy for cutting poverty in half, and actions that can be taken immediately.

We want to hear from you! Help us start the conversation by sharing your ideas and thoughts on ending poverty. Join the ongoing Facebook and Twitter discussions with the @SolidGroundWA network; new topics are posed every Tuesday!

Start today! Share your personal stories. Learn from others’ experiences. Create an ongoing dialogue. Grow more aware. Find ways to take action. We hope that the conversation continues to show just how much the collective passion for ending poverty is alive in our community!

#thinkpoverty + #talkpoverty = #endpoverty

More than ornamental decorations

Cool: Our friends at The Production Network created this awesome interactive Holiday Greeting app to benefit Solid Ground.

The Production Network created this cool app to raise funds for Solid Ground.

screen shot of TPN Holiday Greetings app

Check it out. You decorate an ornament, hang it on their virtual tree and help support anti-poverty programs and advocacy in King County!  Now if they could just figure out a way to deliver hot cocoa thru the app…

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