Online client feedback survey

“As an agency that works for social and racial equity within the community, we consistently ask ourselves, ‘Are we walking our talk?’ And if so, what do our clients say this equity looks like to them?” asks Ariana Cantu, Solid Ground’s Administrative Information Coordinator.

Client feedback survey

“Where are we succeeding and where can we improve? And how will we know we are fulfilling our mission, embodying those values of ending poverty, prejudice and neglect unless we ask those who are using our services – ‘How are we doing?’ However, to date, we have not collected client feedback in a consistent manner across our diverse programs, nor have we attempted to analyze the information received on an agency-wide basis.

“Thanks in large part to the contributions of our Anti-Racism Committee, Client Advisory Committee, and direct service staff, we have developed a new Client Feedback Survey which will be available on the Solid Ground website and will be distributed by our direct service programs. We encourage all clients to use the survey to give us their feedback on our work. This is one way Solid Ground can have a consistent feedback mechanism for all Solid Ground clients and learn directly from our clients where we are succeeding and where we can grow,” says Ariana

Here is a direct link to the survey.

OR: Go to our home page.

Look in the right navigation sidebar under the “Tell Us What You Think” header.

Click on the “Client Feedback Questionnaire” link!

Bagging up cash to fight hunger

Cool:  Patrons at the Interbay Whole Foods can donate their $.05 Bag Refund to Solid Ground’s anti-hunger programs from now through April 11, 2010.

The cash register reminder to donate your Bag Refund to support Solid Ground.

Donations can be designated to one of three Solid Ground programs:

  • Apple Corps, which fights the root causes of obesity, malnutrition and hunger in underserved communities and supports nutrition and physical activity programs, policies and partnerships at Seattle Elementary Schools. 
  • Lettuce Link, which creates access to fresh, nutritious and organic produce, seeds and gardening information for families with lower incomes and educates the community about food security and sustainable food production.
  • Operation Frontline, which coordinates and trains volunteer chefs and nutritionists to teach six-week classes on nutrition, healthy cooking and food budgeting for individuals at risk of hunger and malnutrition.

Last Fall, Whole Foods donated proceeds from their Community 5% Day fundraiser to Operation Frontline! We appreciate the continued partnership and support!

More than ornamental decorations

Cool: Our friends at The Production Network created this awesome interactive Holiday Greeting app to benefit Solid Ground.

The Production Network created this cool app to raise funds for Solid Ground.

screen shot of TPN Holiday Greetings app

Check it out. You decorate an ornament, hang it on their virtual tree and help support anti-poverty programs and advocacy in King County!  Now if they could just figure out a way to deliver hot cocoa thru the app…

Donations up for basic needs

Cool: KUOW’s Amy Radil reported today on Solid Ground’s (and other agencies’) successful year-end fundraising, which counters national trends showing reductions in giving.

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